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Pick of the Week

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012


Starting Over

Monday, June 11th, 2012

So I think it’s time to start over… with this blog at least.  Over the past year and a half, I have repeatedly ignored this blog. “I’m too busy” and “I don’t know what to write about” were common excuses I made to myself as to why I hadn’t posted.  To be perfectly honest, though, I haven’t posted because I have never been happy with the photography and posts I have published.

Well, that stops now.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, and my motivation for creating it.  This blog has never been about perfection– it’s a learning experience for me.  It is about what I’ve learned in the kitchen and the photographic evidence of my adventures.  It might not always be pretty, but I would be lying if I claimed all my culinary exploits are successful.

This time, I’m going to do things a little differently– focusing more on what is important to me and on what I learn as I go.

Some things I’m thinking about so far

  • Where do ingredients come from?  I’m not talking about the local supermarket or a farm share program but how were ingredients originally used and how has that changed?  This was inspired by a recent trip to a supermarket, when I thought I was looking for one thing but was really looking for something completely different.
  • What is the history of a particular food item?  Sure, Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake” but what were 18th century French cakes like?  Are they similar to the boxed mixes we can get today?  How do food items evolve?  Is it even possible to answer this question?
  • What distinguishes good food photography from bad?  I’ve never been particularly proud of the photography on this site, but I love photography and want to improve.  How does lighting, background, and your camera impact food photography?
  • Why didn’t this recipe work?  I certainly don’t expect every recipe to be a winner.  That being said, there are times when I try something that, based on previous experience, I think will work pretty well, but it turns into a mini-disaster.  Why does this happen, and how can I prevent it?

While I cannot pretend to have the answers to these questions, these are questions I want to answer for myself.  So here’s to starting over and to many, many attempts to answer these and other questions in the kitchen.